Independence Child Therapy Services LLC

Services include:

Psychotherapy Services

Individual and family therapy services are available to address a broad range of concerns. Child and adolescent therapy services are offered utilizing play therapy and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Sessions for younger clients typically include caregiver participation and training. We also provide therapy services to adult clients with disabilities and their families. 

Psychological and Educational Evaluations
Diagnostic and prescriptive evaluations are available to children and other clients with a variety of referral concerns. We specialize in the assessment of autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, intellectual disabilities, attachment disturbances and other emotional/behavioral disorders. Independent Educational Evaluations can be provided. 
Behavior Treatment Programs
Functional behavior assessments and positive behavioral intervention plans are utilized in the treatment of behavioral challenges within the family school or community. Family and caregiver training is included in most treatment plans. 
Educational Consultation  
Consultation services are available related to a variety of educational concerns.  Parents and others are supported in navigating the eligibility and IEP process, creating accommodation plans, accessing quality services and supporting the best interests of the student in school and community settings.


Please note:
  A child suspected of having a disability may be eligible for an assessment from the public school division at no cost to their family. It is recommended that this option be considered prior to pursuing a private evaluation. Families may also request that their local school division pay for a private evaluation, called an Independent Educational Evaluation, under certain circumstances.

Independence Child Therapy Services LLC
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