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Independence Child Therapy Services LLC is a provider of diagnostic and treatment programs for children, adolescents and adult clients with behavioral, emotional or learning challenges. Individual and family therapy services are available for a broad range of concerns. 

At Independence Child Therapy Services LLC, we have a particular specialty in working with clients who have developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and learning disabilities, ADHD, and other emotional or behavioral challenges. We also conduct gifted assessments, Independent Educational Evaluations, and can assist in developing accommodation plans. We work closely with families, schools and community agencies to assist every client in reaching their full intellectual, academic and social-emotional potential so that they may learn to function as independently as possible in all environments.

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Independence Child Therapy Services LLC

Individual and Family Therapy Services
Psychological and Educational Evaluations
Behavioral Treatment Programs
Educational Consultation

215 McLaws Circle, Suite 1
Williamsburg, VA  23185

Phone:  (757) 345-6428
Fax:       (757) 345-6808


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